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This year, we really wanted to inspire our staff to explore the concept of student agency.  When we began  searching for a speaker to do this, Jason immediately came to mind. Both his practical ideas for empowering students and challenge to teachers to seek out professional agency resonated deeply with our staff. He was able to make connections because he brought the practical experience of a teacher paired with ideas of a truly innovative thinker. 

-Vincent De Tillio
Assistant Director of Professional Learning

Olentangy Schools

Workshop and Presentation Feedback

"On behalf of the New York State Art Teachers Association (NYSATA), I would like to thank you for your service to the profession of art education as our preconference and conference keynote speaker during the 2023 NYSATA Conference, Inspire! On November 16 and 17th, 2023 you delivered two high-quality presentations. The Thursday workshop provided participants with opportunities to learn how you as a practicing art educator work with students in your own district, to inspire each young artist to think creatively and to fulfill their own potential. Your service to the field is evident in the many roles that you have taken on the national stage as a researcher, writer, and educator. You have given our participants new ways in which to explore their curriculum and how to provide opportunities for divergent thinking, and will hopefully find within themselves, a paradigm shift in the way that they approach activities with their students. You presented simple yet effective ways to encourage meaningful activities that nurture the child’s individuality, character, and confidence. Because of your expertise and exceptional ability to convey your work to others, our art educators will be prepared with practical information and contemporary strategies to transform students' experience. Such an understanding of contemporary work enables a richer and more meaningful dialogue with the young artists they nurture. In addition, hearing from individuals who have found success in the field, is an important message for all art educators. Thank you for your time and dedication to the field of art and art education."


"I attended a morning workshop entitled, Growing the Circle of Influence for
Progressive Education Practice through Creative Development, led by an
inspirational arts educator, Jason Blair, of the Abraham Depp Elementary School in Dublin,
Ohio. The depth and breadth of the work Blair is doing to encourage students creative
thinking is truly remarkable."


"The session was very thought-provoking, a real highlight of the conference for me."

"I feel our emphasis on creativity, deep thinking, and documentation has changed the way all of us approach our teaching."

"I think you are very good at articulating the importance of creativity and the arts and suggesting practical ways that people can implement more creativity in their classrooms and that was much appreciated!"


"I absolutely loved the ideas and resources shared with us. I cannot wait to implement some of them in my classroom."


"Watching your passion for education was exciting to see and I appreciate the time and support you gave the Fairfield County PD day!"


"This session was extremely beneficial to me, I have so many ideas of how I can bring back what I learned to my classroom and others. I am currently in a more traditional public school, and hoping to help inspire others with my colleague to make changes in our building. The idea that creativity is a mindset that can be used in any subject area will really help bring some people on board, instead of just thinking its for "art" only."


"This workshop was really informative to me on so many levels, for me personally, as a mother and as an educator. Personally, deepening the understanding that failure is a part of the process and that creativity is messy. "Failure is an event, not a person"-William Brown. As a mother and educator, recognizing how I react to my own children and students' creativity is very important. Asking myself what is this really showing me?"


"Thank you for sharing what you are doing in your classroom. It was very clear that you are passionate about what you do and you are doing amazing things with your students. As a child, I was the kid who was always looking for a creative outlet and I still remember those teachers who allowed me to show it, and those who didn't...keep being one of those who does and I hope I can too!"


"Your workshop was wonderful. It was very touching and eye-opening. But it also made me reflect a lot on my practice and it made me think of how I can incorporate a little bit more of what my students bring into the classroom, as opposed to curriculum, curriculum, curriculum. Thank you. You did a great job."


"Even if I didn't choose to do any of these things, it called in to question my belief and practices and it forced me to examine the work I do to support all students. I believe that I will be looking to implement the creativity challenges and reexamining the structures of my day to allow students to slow down and marinate in the ideas that we are examining rather than racing through to cover "the curriculum."


"Already, one of the "outcomes" I am hearing is how it has caused teachers to want to SLOW DOWN and look and see not only as it comes to cultivating creativity, but also in how they view the day and curriculum in general."

"I loved your conviction, Jason. You are doing what you are meant to do. Keep spreading your knowledge!"

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