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Jason specializes in fostering creativity development for individuals of all ages, spanning from children to adults. Drawing upon a rich tapestry of diverse experiences, Jason crafts bespoke events tailored precisely to meet the unique needs of your organization.


His workshops are immersive experiences that touch the heart, engage the mind, and nourish the soul, brimming with contagious laughter, boundless joy, and an unwavering dedication to unlocking the creative potential inherent in each participant.


Offered in versatile formats, Jason's sessions can be delivered as captivating keynote addresses, interactive hands-on workshops, or a dynamic blend of both. Whether delving into specific facets of the creative mindset or seamlessly weaving together multiple dimensions, Jason offers a holistic approach to creativity development.


For inquiries or to explore topics beyond those listed, please reach out through the provided contact form. Here are just a few areas where Jason can collaborate with you and your organization to ignite innovation and embrace the spirit of creativity.

Building Creative Confidence

Developing Innovative Curriculum Design

 Project-Based Learning

Designing STEAM, MAKERed Spaces

Documenting Creativity

Developing Creativity Partnerships

Curating Exhibitions of Student Learning and Creativity

And so much more!

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