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Jason specializes in creativity development for both children and adults.  Harnessing a wide array of diverse experiences, Jason is able to create an individualized event specifically tailored to your organization's needs.  Jason's workshops touch the heart, mind and soul, and are filled with laughter, joy, and a relentless passion for developing the creative mind that lies within everyone.  His sessions can be either in keynote/speaker format, hands on workshop format, or a combination of both.  Workshops and lectures can be focused on specific components of the creative mindset, or weave together several aspects to provide a more holistic approach towards creativity development.  If you would like more information, or want to know more about potential topics not listed, please use the contact form.  Here are a few of the areas Jason can work with you and your organization to help innovate and celebrate.  

Building Student Agency

Developing Innovative Curriculum Design

 Project-Based Learning

Designing STEAM, MAKERed Spaces

Documenting Creativity

Developing Creativity Partnerships

Curating Exhibitions of Student Learning and Creativity

And so much more!

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