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How will you create the conditions for creative minds to flourish?


Creativity is an innate aspect of our being, yet it requires nurturing to reach its full potential. Just as a muscle withers without use, so too does a dormant creative mind. By actively engaging our creative faculties, we sharpen them, enhancing our ability to innovate and solve problems. Creativity involves the art of weaving disparate ideas together through innovative thinking, purposeful questioning, and reflective analysis, yielding original concepts of significance. In today's complex world, teeming with interconnected challenges, we crave creative minds capable of discerning patterns and connections amidst the layers of complexity. We seek individuals who can pose elegant questions and provoke profound insights. Allow me to guide you in fostering a culture that cultivates the optimal conditions for every creative mind to thrive. Together, let's unleash the boundless potential of creativity within your environment.


How will your organization generate creative energy to illuminate innovative ideas?           

Jason Blair believes the creativity of our children will change the world. As a 20+ year veteran arts educator, everyday he is fortunate to learn from the creative geniuses that step into his art studio. He believes that we can empower students to tap into their creative potential, if we as educators nurture our own growth as creative change agents. To empower creativity in his students, Jason believes the educator must be the classroom creativity whisperer, building a community in which creativity is valued and thinking different is not just safe, but celebrated. Jason has established himself as a creativity specialist, capable of cultivating the creative dispositions that will illuminate imaginative ideas and help inspire innovative practice. He received his MA in art education from The Ohio State University. Currently, he teaches elementary art in Dublin, Ohio.

Jason Blair
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