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Sample Creativity Workshop

1/2 Day Workshop

This session can be centered around your organization's needs,  Below is one possibility.


Creativity Challenge-- All workshop challenges can be used in the classroom with students at all levels, in all disciplines as well.  The purpose of the creativity challenges are to provide practical and easy ways to grow all creative minds.

Process the Challenge-- Heart/Mind/Hands-On activity.  The most essential aspect of creativity development is to highlight the creative process, not just the finished product.  Processing with students and staff helps make the "why" meaningful and relevant.  Learning to identify and name elements of the creative process, help one better understand how to nurture creativity.    

Presentation--  What is "inconvenient" creativity? This presentation will help define the characteristics of a creative mind, provide examples of the concept of "inconvenient" creativity, and provide a path to developing a culture of creativity.    

Creativity Challenge-- Heart/Mind/Hands-On activity.  Simple creativity challenge that can be used in class, as well as adjusted to fit specific content areas and demographics.  

Work Time-- Time to process as a group, various ways to infuse creativity into all disciplines, and create a culture of creativity amongst students, staff and the entire learning community.  This time is best served if participants bring questions, lessons, thoughts regarding creativity, that the group can work through to build collective creativity.  

Closing-- Discuss the creativity resource packet that teachers can access to help build a culture of creativity the very next morning. 

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