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Grow Creative Thinkers

Jason Blair


Grow Creative Thinkers is an interdisciplinary consultancy committed to fostering creativity across various educational and business domains. Our mission is rooted in the belief that creativity is a fundamental asset that should be celebrated and actively nurtured in every setting.

From PreK to adult education and beyond, we specialize in developing innovative strategies to inspire and cultivate creative thinking. Our comprehensive approach encompasses the exploration of creativity's manifestations and significance, regardless of context.

Key questions guide our endeavors: What does creativity look like, feel like, and sound like in diverse educational and business landscapes? What are the core habits of creativity, and how can we create environments that foster its flourishing? How can we effectively model, nurture, and assess creativity in both educational and business settings?

Through our customized resources, workshops, and consultancy services, we empower educators, professionals, administrators, and leaders across various sectors to harness their creative potential. Together, we equip individuals with the skills and mindsets necessary to become agile problem solvers, adaptable learners, and catalysts for innovation and progress in an ever-evolving world.

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